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Looking for video production services? Moira Production is now under the aegis of Arc Light Digital Media (, providing short and long-form video from concept to distribution.

30 years of documentary video and film
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Moira Productions produces documentary programming for public television. A common purpose of all our projects (films, study guides, and online resources) is to create informed civil discourse around complex and often controversial issues.

The celebrated PBS anthology series THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE commissioned Moira's first two productions. The Great San Francisco Earthquake was the series’ premiere in 1987, and The Great War, 1918 was broadcast during the second season. Since then Moira Productions has produced sixteen feature documentaries on subjects ranging from the emotional development of boys in the United States, to cross-cultural misunderstandings in Vietnam.

We gravitate towards stories that model solutions and offer hope: A man swimming 300 miles down a river to call attention to environmental issues; aid workers in the Congo who learn that it is useless to feed the starving without giving them a better way to feed themselves; a Native American sports hero whose real accomplishments transcend his fame and his medals.

Moira Productions films are a catalyst for social engagement. They have a point of view—eschewing the politics of polarization. They entertain and inform.

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